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Hi this is my site: Steve
Transmodernity and Music; here

At Last!!!
We've all wanted an electronic ebook for music, big enough and good enough quality, so far that has been elusive but now it looks like it's going
to happen with GVIDO; launching this September 2017. Prelaunch Aug 2017

Understanding the value of arts & culture: Arts & Humanities Research Council
March 2016 (204 pages) Here

What is Music Arranging? here; here; here:
Intense Productions Blog: blog about life & music in the industry: here
Online interval training: http://www.musicalintervalstutor.info/index.html

Books to read if you have money to spend...click

Dogal Guitar Strings from Touchstone Tonewoods
For Sheet music http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hamcor

 Gmaj 7    Em9   Am7   Eb7    D7    Gmaj7   Em9    Am7    Eb7   D7    Gmaj7   Em9   Am7    Eb7   D7   Gmaj7    Em9   Gmaj7   Em9
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I use Reason 8 Essentials for recording; I might upgrade at some point when I need to.
I use Noteworthy Composer : alright there are some things that others do a little better/but it is easy to use if you are new to this type of software
Mozart Personal Composer: This is also something to use though needs a little more involvement in the beginning, but it is really great software!
I use Transcribe! to slow down tracks or change keys
I use Alice A108 classical guitar strings normal tension: I get them from China
I use D'Addario Nylon Tapewound medium gauge Short Scale Bass Strings ETB92S; I only play short scale bass and I usually have one to sell
 cos I buy them off Ebay and do them up though I sell them at cost and make no money out of it. Usually I buy only 'Satellite' branded dating from the 1960s/70s.


The Petrucci Library [www.imslp.org]


Swansea Classical Guitar Circle


BTW: Dirks Guitar page is no more and his explanation is here

Sheer pluck: database of contemporary guitar music

        www.soundcloud.com        www.freemusicarchive.org
   for blank sheet music in pdf
         www.classclef.com            for free Cl Gtr sheet music
         www.classtab.org              for free Cl Gtr in TAB

ANDANTE REPORT:                     from www.Xenmus.net

http://www.allaboutguitars.co.uk/    -   Local music project in Newportm/

Strings: Dogal have a new series of strings called the Evolution series ultra flatwound but round wound tone from Touchstone Tonewoods. 
Professor String just in case you thought you knew all about guitar strings.

Gorseinon is a small town about 5 miles from Swansea
Lime Street is parallel to High St in Gorseinon
The Institute's website address is . www.gorseinoninstitute.co.uk

Books to Read (if you have money to spend!)
      Hearing and Writing Music: Professional training for Today's Musician
            by Ron Gorow  
      Ethnic Rhythms for Guitar by Jean Marc Belkadi (with CD) Comprehensive
      The Invisible Artist by Dr. Richard Niles

           Arrangers in Popular Music (1950-2000).  Absolutely Brilliant!
      Righting Wrongs in Writing Songs by Danny Cope; excellent
      Sight Read any Rhythm instantly by Mark Phillips; excellent

      World Beat Encyclopedia by John Marshall/ Mark Miller (with CD) Comprehensive
      Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar by Jan Rivera (with CD)
Clarity with knowledge; excellent
     Lead Sheet Bible: a step-by-step guide to writing lead sheet and chord charts
            by Robin Randall and Janice Peterson (composer)
Link: Amazon
            Dated but the only book dedicated to Lead Sheets
that I have found so far

Gower Harri Roberts