Grey Moon

We're a band JA, L and Steve. We're looking for a Bass Player, and a (flute would be nice) Vocalist to harmonise who also has some ability to play Cajon.
We are very willing to teach if necessary  and consider that 'Basic skills' are more important than virtuosity, temperament more important than technical ability.

What is the drums setup?

We have a Roland Handsonic HPD15 (meant to be played with hands and fingers) and that has a very large number of inbuilt (600) sounds a lot of which are ethnic.
The downside of that is that it does NOT import sounds, you can't import sounds into it. So we have an Alesis SamplePad4, and that of course is built to assign sounds to
any of its pads from its card memory. Both the HPD15 and SamplePad4 have the facility for using pedals (hi hat, expression we have pedals as well) The one thing that
electronic percussion does not do well is brush work so we have an OctoSnare mic'd up internally with a Pulse 606 mic.
So this gives us the best of all three worlds so to speak. (if necessary we have a triple conga cahon, standard snare etc.)

Other collaborations possible e.g. Writers/lyricists, Flute Players, Accordions, El Violin, Music Arranging.

We have different kinds of playlists because that gives us an ability with different kinds of audience (not just music venues but Art venues) and
potentially can give us more gigs and create variety for us. It also helps to improve and develop our skills and lead us off to places that are
different and perhaps innovative.

The Playlists
1) Art Songs 2) Jazz, Latin and World music but also some swing 3) Celtic Stuff, Folk, Folk-rock (sometimes 'Southern Folk' though
that covers a lot of different stuff!). 4) Something to play at Xmas, e.g. Jazz Carols.

1) The Art Songs
Don't get freaked out cos you've never done Art Songs, they are great fun and there is a definite audience for them. 
An Art song is a Poem set to Music. The Poems are written by band member JA (drummer, vocals),  and the music written by Steve.
They come in various genre but the important thing about Art Songs is that the Words are important; they still have to work as songs but what drives them
is the Poem, the words, the story. At some point we want to record them (and we have 2 vols of 12 though there will be others).

They are part of a larger project and you need not be at all interested or involved in that larger project and so you may decide that your role may be just
playing the bass, or singing and helping to record when we get to a studio..

2) Jazz
This covers a vast number of things, but we like the groove, swing, and the lurch just over the line to classical music. We're flexible about it but in the end it has to be do-able
and we have to be able to play it. We also like Scat.

3) Celtic stuff, Folk, Southern Folk-Rock, Americana, Bluegrass

4) Festive Stuff
Doing things with Xmas Carols is fun and it gives us something that relates to the time of year.
You don't have to love Xmas to enjoy the Carols, but they do have interesting things going on in them. 
You don't have to be involved in this either if you don't like it.

We haven't met for a while but when we play we are tight (not drunk, but together). Hopefully 2017 we'll play a lot more.