The location of the leadsheets for all of these tunes can be found by using a PDF search engine:
t the word FAKEBOOK into the search engine and it will come up with a lot of fakebooks for you to download. Alternatively email me if you can't find it.
In some cases just click on the title, open up or right click and save.  LS= Leadsheet  ARR=Arrangement Chords=Chords-no lyrics
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Swing RhumbaFerreira/VersDmSwing
MoonglowHudson/lange/mills Gmedium slow
Mister SandmanPat Ballard /ChordettesCSwing
After you've goneCreamerCSwing
TuSanchez de FuentesDm/Dslow habanera
How about youFreed/LaneCEasy Swing
Lazy Afternoon  (from the Golden Apple)LaTouche (lyrics) Moross (music)CAtmospheric ballard
FlamingoAnderson (lyrics) Grouya (music)FSlow
Crazy RhythmCeasar (lyrics) Meyer/Kahn (music)GVariable
Who can sail without wind    ARR     LS Swedish Traditional from Minnesota Heritage songbookminorslow
The Crusoe Themes from TV series 1965Robert Mellin with Gian-Piero Reverberimodal Dm/Dwaltz
Charles Vine Theme (from Licensed to Kill 1965)Herbert ChappellAmfast Bass driven B'roque-1960s el Gtr space echo
Blue SkiesIrving BerlinCVariable
Gentle Rain chords     Luiz BonfaAmSlow
Nao Me ToquesZequinho AbreuAm/AFast /Driven