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This site uses a lot of pdf files. Rather than use Adobe reader to read them use Sumatra which is free and a lot faster: here
If you want to create pdfs: here     Classical Guitar fingerboard Chart Chordshapes (in Excel not pdf)
FREE pdf books (right click to save or left click to open)
Flexible Arranging and Composing (10mb) 60 pages: Here
The Music Instinct by Philip Ball (16mb)
Latin Rhythms Mystery revealed
Arranging Contemporary Church Music
Reading Music by Catherine Schmidt-Jones
Scale Arpeggio Encyclopedia by Rich Cochrane
Alternative Tunings material: One : Two
Handbook of chord substitutions Andy Laverne

David Fuentes is now marketing his book so it is not
free but it is the best work on melody I've ever read.

Carol :We Three Kings for 4 guitars pdf
Carol :Jingle Bells for 4 guitars pdf
Nonesuch pdf
La Dolce Vita (noteworthy format) (pdf format) Bossa Nova
This Guy's in love with you (Easy Jazz Chords pdf format no lyrics)
Dummies (song) pdf Hard Rock
Nuages easy jazz chords (pdf format) Nuages music (noteworthy format) (pdf format)
Arranging for a Band; pdf e.g. Love Potion No 9
Green Green Rocky Road Song and Guitar Accompaniment (pdf format) (Noteworthy format)

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